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Author April 03, 2019

Google has created a unique new operating system - "killer" of Android

Currently, the most popular platforms for smartphones are Android and iOS, all users of which make various compromises. Someone sacrifices security, and someone has to limit their needs due to significant restrictions on software. However, Google decided to put an end to all this, creating the world...
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Author March 23, 2019

Smartphones on Android attacks a virus that discharges the battery

A new advertising virus has been detected, which is disguised as traditional advertising banners in applications for Android devices. Malicious programs use the capabilities of the processor device. According to BuzzFeed, the spread of such a virus is not the fault of application developers: they we...
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Sergio Sortico July 01, 2018

Top best 5 VPN apps for Android, iOS and PC

In an era of total prohibitions, VPN has become a must-have software on your device, because sometimes, in addition to dangerous content, lawmakers block important websites. How to get around this? One way is to use a VPN. We'll talk about them today. Links to download all the applications presented...
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