Since a high-quality video card is an expensive device, first of all the buyer needs to determine the price range of the future purchase.

To upgrade (replace) the video adapter must be treated with high responsibility and seriousness. It is necessary to consider such hardware subtleties as support for DirectX, PhysX, VC-1, CUDA, HDMI and others.

Before buying a device it is recommended to clearly formulate all the tasks that will be assigned to the video card, make a list of those devices that are going to connect to it in the future. This approach will help avoid overpaying for unnecessary options.

In view of the fact that the graphics adapter is one of the most complex and expensive devices in the system unit, before buying it, it is desirable to read on the Internet as many different reviews and reviews about the model you choose.

The following recommendations will help to avoid errors when choosing a video card:

1) Acquire a video adapter with a modern chipset, whose performance will be enough to solve the tasks.

2) Do not buy cheap video cards for home personal computers.

3) Do not buy video cards of little-known manufacturers - Asus, Gigabyte will be an excellent choice.

4) As the power consumption of the video card increases, it is necessary to check whether the computer's power supply can provide it with the necessary power. Perhaps, together with the video card, you will have to purchase a more powerful power supply, otherwise it can overheat and at best fail, at worst the motherboard can also deteriorate.

5) When choosing a video card, be sure to take into account the size of your system unit and motherboard, since a too long or wide graphics card can not fit in the chassis of the system unit.

6) If the computer is designed for office work, watching movies and listening to music, then the computer's configuration will be enough video card with a capacity of 512 MB. For a gaming computer, the volume must be 1024 Mbytes (1 Gbyte) or higher.

7) A powerful video card should be equipped with a suitable cooler and a radiator covering most of the area of ​​the video card. Modern video cards have a built-in fan speed control that ensures maximum cooling with minimal noise characteristics.

8) Do not buy a video card with passive cooling (without a fan). Such a video card will fail at the first serious load.

9) Pay attention to the presence of an HDMI connector, which in the future will enable the connection of the TV. Some modern monitors also have HDMI connectors.

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