In office work with an enviable regularity, consumables for office equipment are required: for example, after a certain number of refills, the cartridges deteriorate and begin to print with ink strips. In this case, they are recommended replacement. Let's see what details you should pay attention to in order to purchase the necessary cartridge in the store.

1. The printer model

In a large percentage of cases, the model name is indicated directly on the label on the printer case. On the cartridge box is listed, what models of printers it can come up with. Obtain a product that strictly corresponds to the correct model of the printer.

2. Cartridge model

If you do not remember what exact name the printer has, open it and see what kind of a large font is on the cartridge. This will be his model. To mix up precisely with what it does not turn out: the discovered figures of the big size and are visible distinctly. In the store, the seller should be called the number found.

3. Consider the various options

Cartridges are divided into compatible and original. Acquisition for the replacement of the old original will ensure a long work. These parts are warranted and manufactured in strict accordance with the license by the manufacturers of devices for printing. This choice guarantees the best service of office equipment in the office. Compatible with other companies. They will be cheaper and ideally serve when printing in small quantities. But, of course, they have less quality.

If your printer is a laser printer, it is recommended that you replace the original production model with a cartridge. If you need to update an inkjet printer with an existing print head (check this by looking at the model description on the Internet), you can purchase a compatible cartridge.

Thus, it is enough to know only a few digits marking the device, so as not to be afraid to miss with the cartridge.

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