Sony conference at E3  in Los Angeles took place. We prepared a better selection of materials on the most popular games from Sony. A lot of information about The Last of Us: Part 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and Marvel's Spider-Man

We started right away with the main thing - with Last of Us Part II. Revealed a lot of gameplay: the game has become even "more mature", that is, it has even more cruelty and different kinds of love in addition. Stealth elements are preserved, but it is clear that the developers paid a lot of attention to battles: they became more spectacular (at least, as far as can be judged by the trailer).

In the movie, the main character becomes Ellie, and her companion from the previous part - Joel - is not visible. The fans assume that in the new game he will die, but so far it is too early to judge. It is possible that the game will have to play both characters, and developers just tease the audience. Alas, the release date is still unknown, even tentatively.

The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

As for other anticipated games - they presented a new trailer for Death Stranding from the legendary Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear. We will not comment on it, better see for yourself (release dates, by the way, also not):

Death Stranding | E3 2018 Trailer | PS4

The new trailer Spider-Man looks impressive: jailbreak, spectacular battles and flights on the web. The game will appear in the distribution on September 7 this year (exclusive PS4).

Marvel’s Spider-Man | E3 2018 Showcase Demo | PS4

Announcement of the samurai action game Ghost of Tsushima began with a flutist performance - he played on a Japanese bamboo shakuhachi. This was followed by about 10 minutes of gameplay with all the attributes that can be expected from a game of this kind - sword fights, unexpected attacks, Japanese nature and Japanese drama. Nature, by the way, was a success and looks incredibly beautiful. Let's see if this beauty will survive after the release. The game is developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the authors of the acclaimed InFamous series. Release date unknown.

Ghost of Tsushima | E3 2018 Gameplay Debut | PS4

Capcom Co., Ltd. announced a remake of Resident Evil 2 three years ago. It was very touching: the fans asked for a long time, and in the end the head of the development department spoke on YouTube and confirmed: "We are doing it." At E3 showed a new game trailer and announced the release date - January 25, 2019.

Resident Evil 2 – E3 2018 Announcement Trailer | PS4

Developers Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, Team Ninja, announced the second part of the action-RPG Nioh about ancient Japan and showed a short teaser.

Nioh 2 Trailer, E3 2018

The creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the company Remedy Entertainment, presented their new game called Control. The main character, Jesse Feydens, is the director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The bureau is an elite organization that "protects people from invisible forces". During the game, Jesse will have to solve the ciphers and deal with strange experiments, running through rooms with changing architecture. Although the details are not enough even on the official website, the trailer suggests that Control is a cross between a puzzle and a shooter.

CONTROL Announcement Trailer - E3 2018 - ESRB

And the creators of Dark Souls (FromSoftware, Inc.), meanwhile, make the game under PSVR. The action takes place in the boarding school, which is frozen in time, and it will be necessary to play for the fairy who tries to solve the riddles of this place. She will need to prove to her pupils their existence, establish relations with them and change their destiny.

Déraciné - E3 2018 Announce Video | PS VR

Announced the game Trover Saves the Universe from one of the creators of Rick and Morty Justin Royland. In 2016, Royland founded the studio Squanch Games, which is developing. The game will only be released under PSVR and PS4 early next year, so if you love Rick and Morty, maybe you should find friends with the console.

Trover Saves the Universe - E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4, PS VR

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