Computer games

Computer games

Reviews of the most popular computer games with detailed analysis of the plot, gameplay, graphics, sound and final evaluation. The review of games - games Action and Adventures, RPG and Shooter, Strategy and Survival Horror, Autosimulators and Sports simulators, games for PCs and smartphones.

Author March 23, 2019

Intel announced the 9th generation of notebook processors

Powerful 9th generation Intel Core H series processors will be available soon. Frederick Humberger, Intel's general manager for premium segments and gaming laptops, said the new chips will appear "very, very soon." How can one define “very, very soon” more precisely? The company has already announce...
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Author March 22, 2019

Google officially unveiled the long-awaited game project Stadia

Google has occupied another niche in the market of IT-technologies, which was previously unavailable to the “search giant”. We are talking about the gaming industry, and in particular - about the emerging market of remote cloud gaming, in which Google decided to become the largest supplier of stream...
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Author July 01, 2018

Sony showed its games at the E3 2018

Sony conference at E3 in Los Angeles took place. We prepared a better selection of materials on the most popular games from Sony. A lot of information about The Last of Us: Part 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and Marvel's Spider-Man...
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