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Author April 03, 2019

Google has created a unique new operating system - "killer" of Android

Currently, the most popular platforms for smartphones are Android and iOS, all users of which make various compromises. Someone sacrifices security, and someone has to limit their needs due to significant restrictions on software. However, Google decided to put an end to all this, creating the world...
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Author March 23, 2019

Smartphones on Android attacks a virus that discharges the battery

A new advertising virus has been detected, which is disguised as traditional advertising banners in applications for Android devices. Malicious programs use the capabilities of the processor device. According to BuzzFeed, the spread of such a virus is not the fault of application developers: they we...
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Author March 23, 2019

Intel announced the 9th generation of notebook processors

Powerful 9th generation Intel Core H series processors will be available soon. Frederick Humberger, Intel's general manager for premium segments and gaming laptops, said the new chips will appear "very, very soon." How can one define “very, very soon” more precisely? The company has already announce...
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Author March 22, 2019

Google officially unveiled the long-awaited game project Stadia

Google has occupied another niche in the market of IT-technologies, which was previously unavailable to the “search giant”. We are talking about the gaming industry, and in particular - about the emerging market of remote cloud gaming, in which Google decided to become the largest supplier of stream...
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Author March 22, 2019

Windows 7 will be left without Microsoft support

“Microsoft has pledged to support Windows 7 for 10 years since its release on October 22, 2009. When this decade period is over, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 so that we can focus our investments on supporting new technologies. The company will stop technical support and Windows 7 update ...
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