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Author March 23, 2019

Intel announced the 9th generation of notebook processors

Powerful 9th generation Intel Core H series processors will be available soon. Frederick Humberger, Intel's general manager for premium segments and gaming laptops, said the new chips will appear "very, very soon." How can one define “very, very soon” more precisely? The company has already announce...
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Author September 20, 2018

Main reasons Why a wireless mouse brakes

Recently, more and more people like using wireless mice for quite a long time, and only those who have switched to them, are faced with the fact that the manipulator frankly hinders: there are hovering and jerking of the cursor, slowing down and other effects not having the best effect on the usabil...
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Author September 19, 2018

9 Tips for Choosing a power or gaming Video Card for a Computer or Laptop

Since a high-quality video card is an expensive device, first of all the buyer needs to determine the price range of the future purchase. To upgrade (replace) the video adapter must be treated with high responsibility and seriousness. It is necessary to consider such hardware subtleties as support f...
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Author September 19, 2018

3 easy ways how to choose a cartridge for a printer

In office work with an enviable regularity, consumables for office equipment are required: for example, after a certain number of refills, the cartridges deteriorate and begin to print with ink strips. In this case, they are recommended replacement. Let's see what details you should pay attention to...
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