About Us

Softico is an international licensed software supermarket that operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Softico is a dynamically developing international private company that was founded in 2016 and offers a very large catalog of software for its visitors.

The assortment of the store is several thousands of software products from the world's software leading brands!

Supermarket Softico is, first of all, a team of professionals and fans of their business who like their work and are ready to give their customers only the best software solutions for business, design, study and hobbies!

The main directions of our software supermarket:

1) Software for business

It is no longer possible to conduct business without the necessary programs and applications, which substantially increase the productivity of both the company as a whole and of each individual employee.

Our supermarket offers a wide range of software for small and medium-sized businesses that will allow it to be conducted more efficiently and efficiently, reducing the time for processing data and increasing the company's profits

2) Software for design and multimedia

Embody your boldest ideas with us. Good software is the key to the success of bold fantasies and creative people.

We offer the best software solutions for creating and editing video, 3d graphics, image editing, animation, drawing, etc.

3) Software for developers

To create new field and good programs, each programmer needs his own assistant programs, which make a lot of routine work and shorten the time for creating new software.

In our store you will find the best programs for developers, as well as various libraries and other useful elements

4) Software for study and hobbies

If you constantly work on yourself and want to learn something new, then in our store there are a lot of useful programs for learning languages, favorite teachings, engineering, etc.

5) Security and backup software

Computer security is a very important software feature that helps protect your information from malicious people and criminals.

We have a large selection of antivirus software, backup software, Internet connection security, etc., which will protect your privacy and information in the best way!

6) Games

And of course in our store you will find many interesting computer games that will make it fun and interesting to spend time!

Also in our supermarket is a very wide range of software for solving various problems

Softico - best software solutions!