Oracle VM VirtualBox - Creating Virtual Machines on a Computer

Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open source virtualization tool that simplifies the creation of virtual machines that mimic computers that run on your PC, but act as if they were separate systems.

VirtualBox is a program that has many different applications. If you want to take a closer look at Windows 10 before upgrading, for example, you can install the latest version of Microsoft Windows in the VirtualBox virtual machine and then access it in a window on your desktop.

Key Features:

- Modularity

- Support for 64-bit guest systems

- SMP support on the guest side

- Experimental 3D hardware acceleration support

- Support for hard disk images VMDK and VHD

- iSCSI support

- Support for audio virtualization

- Support for various types of networking

- Shared Folders support for easy file sharing between host and guest systems

- Support OVF / OVA format

- The basic version is fully open under the GNU GPL, respectively, there are no restrictions on use

How to install and use:

VirtualBox is a program that creates a separate environment for running software - it monitors and provides support for all of its links to hardware or operating system. This solution makes the software running on the virtual machine work as if it were running on a separate computer while working on virtual hardware.

What gives us such a solution? In a nutshell - this allows you to run the operating system without actually installing it on a separate partition or disk. Using VirtualBox, we can instantly switch between different operating systems that run in the window, like ordinary applications, and test them in isolation from the parent system.

The new version of VirtualBox (5.x) is, among other things, support for USB 3.0, which simulates more processor functions, encrypts a disk image and simultaneously connects SATA media. Audio support has also been improved in the virtual machine, and drag and drop support has been added between the virtual machine and its own system.

How to use Oracle VM VirtualBox video

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