MacShiny - speed up your Mac with MacShiny’s 14 in 1 cleaning apps

Secure you Mac from all kinds of unsafe Internet data by enabling Firewall settings. 

Keep your Mac healthy and all the app on it up-to-date!

1) System Status

Protect your Mac

Secure your Mac from all kinds of unsafe Internet data by enabling Firewall settings. Keep your Mac healthy and all the apps on it up-to-date!

Remove junk from your Mac

Get rid of junk files which have piled up on tour Mac. Free up valuable space and use it for new better apps. Clean your Mac from junk safely!

Boost performance

Improve your Mac performance by removing unused old and large data. Speed up your Mac by updating the apps you use to the last version - all at once!

2) Clean

Trash cleanup

With Trash Cleanup you are able to delete all trash folders at once, because MacShiny scans your Mac thoroughly and finds all those folders.

System Cleanup

System Cleanup find and delete various junk files: Universal Binaries, Development junk, User Cache Files, System Cache Files, Language Files, System Log Files and User Log.


It's absolutely easy to locate and remove all programs that you don't use any longer. MacShiny smartly detects all the accompanied files of the old applications that hide on your system and can be removed safely too.

Large & Old Finder

Big files are always a big problem when it comes to occupying free disk space. So don't wait any seconds longer to locate and delete all the huge files you forgot about on your Mac. Enjoy more free space on your hard disk.

3) Duplicates Finder
Speed up your system by getting rid of duplicate files that simply clutter up disk space. 
Those file copies don't serve you at all, but might still be located in various file folders on your Mac.

4) Performance

Extensions Manager

Many of us install the plugins which we don't use afterwards. MacShiny will make sure that the unnecessary plugins will not clutter your disk space anymore.


'Update' control to check if all your applications are freshly updated and ensure that none are slowing your Mac down. Update all apps, turn on Firewall - safe solution by MacShiny!

5) Protect


MacShiny provides your Mac with a solid protection against malware attacks. The 'Security' module lets you immediately enable Firewall to prevent unsafe connection for all or some of the applications used on your system.


If you wish to safely delete private or any sensitive data forever then Eraser is the right option. Securely delete all files that didn't went into Trash folders somehow but must be wiped out from your system without any chance recovery.

MacShiny Standart (6 month plan) Price: $71.70



MacShiny Ultimate (12 month plan) Price: $107.40



MacShiny Deluxe (24 month plan)  Price: $142.80 



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