MEmu - shareware program for running Android applications on a PC

  • MEmu - shareware program for running Android applications on a PC

An emulator from Chinese developers, emulates Android and is compatible with many games. Supports most Google Play apps. According to the developers, it supports more than 80%. Recently gained popularity among gamers. Allows you to play powerful games!

MEmu is a shareware program for launching Android applications on a PC running Windows. It can work both in window and in full screen mode. It works on all Windows devices - computers, tablets, laptops. MEmu provides high performance and compatibility. In order to install MEmu on a PC, you need to download the program executable file at the bottom of the page. We launch it and follow the instructions.

Functional Features

What do users get if they download MEmu on a PC:

- Select version of Android 4.4 or 5.1.1.

- Flexible settings: CPU, screen resolution, device model, navigation bar, root mode.

- Binding keyboard keys and joystick.

- Data transmission from sensors (accelerometer) in Android.

- Simulation of GPS position, for some games is very important.

- Exchange of user data, file sharing between Windows and Android.

- Quick install apk by drag and drop.

- The interface in Russian, also supports 16 languages.

- Window scaling.

- Record and play macros in games.

- Video recording from the emulator screen, built-in application.

- Save multiple key binding profiles for different games.


- Run Android games on PC.

- Communicate using the keyboard in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

- Watch TV channels.

- Run the emulator in 10 seconds.


- Closed source code.

- Requires VT processor support.

- Android 5.1.1 version does not launch applications well, but is able to run games that do not start on Android 4.4.4.

- The presence of non-disable ads.

- It is not recommended to run in another virtual machine.

DOWNLOAD MEmu Free Turbobit (3.5 MB)

DOWNLOAD MEmu Free Rapidgator (3.5 MB)

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