7-Zip - a free, constantly updated classic archiver for Windows

  • 7-Zip - a free, constantly updated classic archiver for Windows

7-Zip is a free, constantly updated classic archiver for Windows, the appearance of which resembles previously popular file managers. Its main window is divided into 2 parts, in each of which you can navigate through folders on your computer and in addition to archiving operations, copy, move and delete regular files.

7-Zip is one of the most downloaded WinRAR counterparts. On our site you can download 7-Zip in Russian for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista with a bit capacity of 32 and 64 bit, its latest version and 7-Zip

You can use 7-Zip for any purpose (even on the computers of commercial organizations) completely free of charge, this is completely free software, one of the few that have such a status today.

Key features of 7-Zip

- select any file (or several files and folders) on the computer through the file manager window and create an archive from it;

- during the creation of the archive, you can specify the degree of compression and select its format. By default, 7z is selected, but are still available for creating bzip2, gzip, tar, wim, xz, and zip;

- 7-Zip supports the opening of archives of most modern formats, including the RAR format;

- created archives can be encrypted with a password;

- creation of multi-volume archives is supported (the size is selected before its creation from the given list) and self-extracting (SFX) archives. - That is, archives for the extraction of which the archiver is not needed, they have the extension EXE;

- to any file through the 7-Zip menu (or by pressing CTRL + Z) you can add your comment;

- Among the additional features that are not directly related to working with archives, mention may be made of the calculation of checksums of files;

- 7-Zip interface in Russian, but you can change it in the settings in any of more than 80 available languages ​​of the world;

- The appearance of the archiver can be finely tuned for you.


- 7-Zip allows you to work with archives without starting the shell (however, like WinRAR). Just right-click on any file or archive and select one of the archiver commands in the context menu (unpack, compress, etc.). The list of commands in the context menu can be changed in the archiver settings;

- Thanks to the "Drag-and-drop" function, you can archive any file by simply dragging it into the 7-Zip window, after which the dialog for creating an archive will appear;

- In the settings of the archiver after installation, you can easily associate individual archive formats (or all at once) with 7-Zip only for yours or for all users on your computer using the convenient interface.


- Does not know how to create RAR archives;

- In the area of ​​transition to folders and disks (above each window of the file manager) there is no quick transition to the desktop and other frequently used folders.

DOWNLOAD 7-Zip free Turbobit (5 MB)

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