BlueStacks - a multifunctional emulator program, install Android on a computer

  • BlueStacks - a multifunctional emulator program, install Android on a computer

BlueStacks is a multi-functional emulator program that allows you to adapt Android content to the parameters of the laptop, netbook or PC OS. You can download the latest version of BlueStacks from our website at the appropriate link.

The date of the first release is 2011. According to statistics, the number of users has exceeded 100 million, and the unique LayerCake technology has long been recognized and financially supported by the leaders of the IT market - Intel, AMD, Samsung and Qualcomm.

The creators claim 86% of supported Android games. And the percentage of available applications is even higher - 96%. This “smart” utility emulates the required parameters, allowing you to use it at full capacity: play, test mobile software on computer platforms, and also open access to streaming with the creation of your own stream channel.

The utility imitates most of the "android" hardware functions:

- Rotate the screen. When reversing, the application must be restarted.

- Create screenshots and the ability to save them in Windows folders.

- Automatic tuning management. This is especially true in games where the touchpad plays the role of keys.

- Special attention deserves the ease of management. Now, if you want to install your favorite toy, just find the appropriate file and start the installation process using Bluxtax on your PC. The “smart” mechanism will independently select the necessary parameters, and you can enjoy the gameplay without restrictions.

After authorization, the emulator will check if you have an Android device and will offer to synchronize your PC with it.

When you first start, a tablet desktop window will open. Most of the screen is reserved for a virtual system, on the left on a separate panel are some hardware functions of tablets and smartphones and sections of additional features.

The workspace can be divided into three parts:

- The upper part is the “working area” where the settings and windows of running programs are located. All tabs are placed by type of tabs in a standard browser, which is very convenient.

- In the central area are popular software products. A pleasant trifle - they are all sorted by rating, only those who occupy the top positions in GooglePlay ratings get to the “desktop”.

- The left area is reserved for the Android menu. All settings and additional options are located here.

In the “Settings”, you should pay attention to the “Preferences” tab, where you can restore the factory default settings, set backup files, optimize the receipt of notifications.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of system resources consumed by the emulator, go to the "System" section. In Bluestax on a computer, there is an adjustment of the amount of allocated RAM, limiting the number of processor cores involved and setting DPI indicators (the number of pixels per inch).

When limiting the allocated resources, pay attention to the requirements of the launched toy - some of their varieties will not work under such restrictions. Download BlueStacks latest version

Key features of the emulator

With its main task (simulating the Android environment on PC platforms), this program does an excellent job. In addition to the main function, there are a number of features designed for the most comfortable use:

- Launch "simulations" in full screen mode while maintaining image quality.

- Software synchronization of your PC and smartphone. To do this, use the built-in CloudConnect service.

- Transfer necessary files from system folders to a virtual SD card.

- A fairly large number of pre-installed utilities.

- Download from official sources - GooglePlay or AppleStore, which reduces the risk of getting low-quality software.

- The Android simulator on the PC has a large database of settings that allow you to fully customize the application for your own requirements.

- Launch the installation process directly from the APK-file. At the same time, installers do not have to be loaded onto a virtual SD card, especially for downloading, there is a button on the side toolbar that opens the explorer to indicate the path to the necessary files stored on the disk.

- BlueStacks TV. This is a standalone client designed for streaming Android games. In it you can join an existing online broadcast, leave your comments in a collective chat. It is also possible to create your own streaming broadcast using streaming video on FacebookLive and

DOWNLOAD BlueStacks for free with Uploaded (415 mb)

DOWNLOAD BlueStacks for free with Nitroflare (415 mb)

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